Our Team

Assured Title employs a team model, believing that a greater capacity for achievement is reached by utilizing the collective strengths of many, rather than relying on the strength of one. It is a matter of organization. Software, technology, and internal protocols lend to this organization, allowing Assured to give above and beyond service. When a closer within a team is out-of-the-office or otherwise engaged, other team members can step in, seamlessly, to meet the customer’s needs.

Our team of account managers play a vital role in the quality control and customer support aspect of Assured Title’s daily operations. An account manager is more than just a contact for a transaction, she is a partner with common goals: to close the transaction smoothly and to satisfy the customer. Therefore, Assured Title’s account managers are trained in every aspect of closing in order to give answers to questions and resolve and explain issues as quickly as possible to the customer. With a “big picture” view of the entire closing process, our account managers can give our customers the support that they demand.

No business can achieve long term success without its employees “buying – in” to the goals and aims of the business and furthering those aims with meticulous care and attention. Every one of our employees knows how their efforts contribute to the overall product the customer receives and without their contribution the product would be otherwise diminished.

Our service is intrinsically tied to the quality of our employees. In this new era, Assured title is cognizant of its responsibilities to its employees and customers. Employees are trained as professionals, to exercise the care and attention required to provide customers with the level of service commensurate with a return of devotion.

Closing real estate transactions is a professional pursuit, a learned occupation requiring knowledge and skill. Assured Title hires quality individuals who exhibit the fundamentals of professionalism. To many, professionalism is personified through traits such as pride in one work product, maturity, accountability, and self-motivation. These are the traits Assured employees demonstrate each and every day.

Our employees share the owners’ belief that, for many, real estate ownership is the culmination of a long pursuit of happiness and the achievement of the American Dream. Accordingly, Assured Title seeks employees that have bought in to the idea that a real estate closing is one of the most significant events in a person’s life, it is an investment of time and energy, as well as, in most cases, the assumption of debt. Buyers naturally feel a sense of anxiety, a sense that they are a fish out of water. From start to close, Assured Title’s escrow closers work in a team environment to fulfill each customers needs, aware of a buyers apprehension and naturally predisposed to alleviate buyers’ concerns and further Assured Title’s customer service goals by greeting customers warmly, anticipating and fulfilling each customer’s needs, breaking away from regular duties to address and resolve special issues, and bidding a fond farewell at the end of the transaction.

The paradigm sought is one in which quality employees produce quality work, founded in the belief that quality begets quality, an ever ascending spiral that leads to customer devotion and relationships that span a lifetime.